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Documenting the aftermath of the Football Index Scandal

Reacting to Adam Cole's November Market Update

Many have been bullish on Football Index's long term prospects (myself included), however the lack of communication from the Football Index management recently was frustrating even to the most experienced traders in this community. That's why the latest market update from Football Index CEO Adam Cole was received so well and personally speaking- it gave us some great information. In this blog post I'm going to offer my personal thoughts and reactions to this- in the main discussing the short and long term implications from both a market and marketing/branding perspective.

Advertising- Getting the word out in November & Decemeber

Key points:

  • 100,000 users (to put this into perspective I was the 2404th user in January 2016..That's a 40 fold increase since then! DNA, a recent guest on the podcast was something silly like the 700th user, so It's crazy to think how much the platform has grown since then.
  • New two month deal with Talksport to advertise Football Index with a fresh advert. The reason I've highlighted fresh is because I think from a marketing perspective it's quite clever- it makes Football Index seem less spammy, which is something really important in my opinion. Too many spammy referral links, constant monotonous advertising is off-putting, so I believe a fresh approach is great. The demographic targeted is obviously the correct one, football fans who listen to TalkSport may be tempted to try their hand.
  • Sticking with advertisement, they've also decided to advertise on WhoScored. I think this is very clever, again targeting the correct demographic of gambling football fan. Most punters use WhoScored, Soccerway, Livescore etc, so here we are seeing the online gambling community targeted.
  • Football Index are partnering with a large UK football podcast, probably my favourite gem from the November market update. If I had to guess this will be some sort of sponsorship, Football Index paying a large podcast to give an introduction or some sort of shout-out to the platform. I never truly understood the power of the podcast until I started my own. Episodes 8 & 9 have both hit 500+ downloads which is a figure I was absolutely astonished by. God knows how many downloads a generic football podcast gets, but if it's in the 10's of thousands I think this is a great form of advertisement by Football Index, brilliant work by them.
  • Their high visibility London Underground campaign will continue, attempting to entice a banking/investment fund audience into using the platform. For branding purposes I think this is good, it gets the name out there- I've personally read and digested advertisements on my commute that I'm not interested in at all. I'm sure that people who have traded in alternate markets, or have any football/betting interest will take great notice of this.

This latest advertising push Is coming. A lot of existing users signed up in January 2016 or June 2016, both of these time-frames included mass advertisement pushes mainly on social media, but nonetheless it got the name out there. I hope that this next push will drive more users toward Football Index, which would mean that the market grows and more.

IPO’s and fresh blood on the INDEX

Key points:

  • Approximately 1,000 players have been IPO'd
  • No IPO's on the 5th and 11th of December, and last 2017 IPO date is on the 22nd of December (Resumes January 2nd)
  • IPO's reduced from 50 per day to 10 per day starting from December

Now that Football Index has IPO'd 1000 players, we can most probably- as a community say that overall it's been a successful period in the index. Traders have seen new opportunities with the squad players, and the profits realised on those players via dividends or capital appreciation have sometimes found themselves into the top players, meaning money is circulating well and all traders should be happy with this. Reducing the amount of IPO's per day is great in my opinion. It means Football Index can concentrate on solving certain issues such as missing articles in media buzz, and players missing completely in PB rankings. It'll also mitigate fears of devaluing original trader holds as players will be leaked into the index at a slower rate.

The Footie hits 10,000

Key points:

  • Footie has hit the 10,000 mark
  • Footie is actually a direct correlation of Buys and Sells so as the market grows (more buys than sells) the number increases.

The first point is great, just what we want to see. Continued growth. But what is the Footie? In fact, Adam Cole's explanation above only heightened the confusion. On, one of the FAQ's states that _"Footie" Index is the index number that represents the 'market cap' of all 200 footballers in 1st Team List at a point of time - being the sum of the current price of each footballer. "_Totally different to the Buy/Sell ratio that Adam Cole has pointed out. So on this note, I think this is the weakest part of the update- perhaps some more technical clarification can be subsequently presented by Football Index? I don't want to speculate too much about this particular section, but I can only hope clarifying the Footie properly is something on Football Index's agenda.

One in a Million

Key points:

  • Over one million pounds worth of dividends has been paid out my Football Index.

A truly stunning figure, actually emphasising just how big this platform is, and just how much room it has left to run. I still think traders quickly forget that only 6 months ago Dividend payouts were limited to Media only, and were at a paltry 5p in comparison to some of the dividends now available.

World Cup Matchday Dividends

  • There will be Performance Buzz at the World Cup!

Predictable perhaps, but nonetheless very exciting. This will make Football Index enthralling during the World Cup period, and perhaps stop some drops in those PB only players. Last summer we saw drops in the likes of Kane, Gabriel Jesus and Pogba largely due to their irrelevance in the transfer window- as well as the sheer amount of capital that shifted focus. Large sums of money went into Griezmann, Neymar and Perisic for example as traders went into a transfer frenzy. I'd expect something similar to happen, but perhaps traders will be more reluctant to sell some of those players to raise capital- as they could easily return large sums via match day dividends. Especially those players in teams who could go a long way. A Neymar, Messi or Greizmann could easily see themselves to the Semi-Finals, that's 6 games potentially (assuming that they will be paying triple Dividends each match day) 72p up for grabs. It would actually be interesting if some of the analytical Football Index twitter accounts were to go through Euro 2016 and Copa America, highlighting what players would have returned the most dividends- and maybe most importantly how different their statistics are in comparison to their club form.


So it seems the Football Index team is hard at work, pursuing various avenues of advertising but with a fresh outlook. It's a really exciting platform to be a part of as a user, in hindsight- the growth so far has been truly remarkable. I hope that this blog post has given you a valuable insight into the announcement, and whilst I have no idea where the platform will take us- I believe Adam Cole's trusted expression onwards and upwards is safe to use.

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