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Share Split Special Ft. Two Time Trader of the Month Jay

Episode 59 · December 2nd, 2018 · 1 hr 18 mins

About this Episode

First up, where else to start but at the news of another Share Split! Jay and I discuss what will happen during the split, how they work and what impact it could have on Football INDEX. What are the pros and cons? How big a deal is this and is it important?

Next, I asked Jay what he'd improve on FI. What would he do to make it fulfill it's incredible potential?

We then discuss In-Play dividends. What does Jay think of them? Has he been enjoying the new way to win?

Afterwards we get into his unique strategy. Jay tends to buy players in the sub £1 bracket at bulk and hone in one big wins when they happen. What players does he target and when? What makes a good buy? What % rise does he aim for in those holds?

Next up we talk about multiple indexes and the potential of Managers being added. Would there be value there? What can FI do to stop money seeping out of Football INDEX into other indexes?

Goalkeepers have been a big talking point but maybe they've gone under the radar. What does Jay think about them and is there value there?

Finally- we talk about de-risking your portfolio. Should you do it? Are there different ways of doing it?

All that and more on today's episode!

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