100k Portfolio Man Danilo Joins to Talk About his Plan to Retire an FI millionaire

Episode 58 · November 25th, 2018 · 56 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

First up, we talk about Danilo's FI journey. What inspired him to go big? Why does he have so much confidence in the platform?

Next, we discuss using stats and data providers. What is the value of using the likes of Edge, Index Gain & Noirx? How much of your decision to buy/sell players should be weighted on historical data?

We then talk about the new and improved in-play dividends. What does Danilo make of them? What affect will it have on the market?

After that, we discuss ROI (return on investment), an idea that Danilo is massively fond of. Is there more value in the cheaper players or the big boys?

Being an Italian and Serie A fanatic, it was only natural we got some italian based questions. What would Football INDEX be like in Italy? Would it be recieved well? What is the gambling culture like?

Finally, I ask Danilo what he plans to do with his Index profits and what he thinks the future holds for Football INDEX!

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