Keep your Friends close but your Rats Closer-100k Portfolio Man Stamford the Rat Catcher Returns

Episode 56 · November 11th, 2018 · 1 hr 25 mins

About this Episode

How else to start but by discussing rats on Football INDEX. What are they? How do you spot one? How do you protect yourself from rats?

Next up we discuss worries and the future of Football INDEX. Has the market been operating sustainably with all the deposit bonuses ongoing? Stamford and I discuss whethere the best thing for the platform right now is to let it breathe. What's more important, territories or further UK expansion? What are the barriers to making FI a long lasting product? What would Stamford do to make it more sustainable?

After that Stamford gives us his thoughts on strategy and some great advice. He talks to us about his dividend or 'buzz man' approach and why it works for him. He discusses the need to find a unique strategy that suits one's needs. We also dissect the youngster trends and why we still see them continue. Is there an end poiint to them or are they strategic bets placed?

Lastly, we talk about Goals & Assists dividends. As a long term holder, what are Stamford's thoughts on the implementation? Is it fair?

All this and more on today's episode!

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