Couples Therapy: Husband & Wife Chrissie & Eddie Join the Show

Episode 55 · November 4th, 2018 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

We got a bucket load of hilarious questions for this one so I got those out the way first:

  • Who's the best trader?
  • Who has the bigger balls?
  • Would you rather be attacked by a one horse sized dog or a dozen chicken sized dogs?
  • If you only could have one what would it be, your partner or your Football INDEX portfolio?
  • Has there been an argument over fi where Eddie is relegated to the sofa?
  • What’s it like, not having to hide your portfolio from the other half?
  • Do you nervously hide your phone and act suspicious because you’re having an affair and naughty texting or because you’ve just purchased 500 of a player and don’t want the other one knowing?

We did have some cracking Football INDEX chat within the laughs however! We discussed pumpers and dumpers....part of the index, or does something need to change in the community? Who's responsible to stop them? Or are they a part of a steep learning curve on FI...

We had lot's of questions on research! I asked the pairing what research strategies they use be it podcasts, twitter, apps, newsletters, newspapers etc- Eddie and Chrissie both had some great views!

Next up, I asked them if they share the same strategies or appetite for risk.....statistically females are more risk adverse than males in most walks of life, and it was interesting to see how this played out in Football INDEX terms!

All this and much, much more on today's show!

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