Short Term Trading with Pierre FI

Episode 54 · October 28th, 2018 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

First up, we discuss Football INDEX and their communication over the last 2 weeks. In general, are the comms and onboarding good enough from FI?

After that, we go over the backlash FI have recieved for their comms during the goals and assist dividend announcement. What went well? What has to improve?

Next up we talk short term trading, what led to Pierre's strategy developing in this way? We also discuss how the Goals and Assist dividend add on has catered or hindered his strategy.

We then go on to discuss FI employees on twitter. Where should they draw the line? What are the advatnages and disadvantages of their employees being in and around the Football INDEX community?

Finally, we continue talking short term trading. What are the keys for entering/exiting postions when looking at trades in a short term way?

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