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New Dividends Featuring NOIRX

Episode 53 · October 21st, 2018 · 1 hr 40 mins

About this Episode

First up, what else but the new dividend payouts. This takes up half the episode so I hope you enjoy our reaction!

We then get on to our questions....why was the communication from Football INDEX so poor for the announcement of the new dividends? Does it risk FI's credibility?

How will the announcement affect current trader sentiment toward PB? The market has already reacted but NOIRX and I give our reaction, and predict what we might see from traders.

Next, we talk about Football INDEX as a business. Does this show that they're struggling with cash flow? Should be worried that this is a direction FI will take in the long term?

It wouldn't be a FigCast if we didn't talk about some we talk about how some money came out of these players due to the announcement!

We then talk about the future of Football INDEX as a platform. What's the future of PB? Is there a better way of doing IPOs?

Finally, we compare property to the index...why did NOIRX switch one for the other? His answer is certainly interesting!

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