Another Analytical Special with Edge Founders SOTD (Lee) and AB (Joel)

Episode 46 · September 2nd, 2018 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

First up, it was rude not to ask the guys how and why they started Edge, and how it's developed since it's inception. How does it help users? What's the importance or relavance of statistical analysis on the Index?

Onto our first question- we talk about the ever changing nature of the beast that is Football Index. We've seen massive rises in players just for increased game time, even though they may never win PB. Why is this? Lee and Joel both had very interesting reasons for why this might be happening.

Next up, we talk about FI actually started their own data service or database. How would this impact third party data providers who are currently building good products? Should they concentrate on creating a more rigid and robust platform, and let these third parties concentrate on the data side of things?

We then move on to talk about what the most important or significant statistic to analyse is....and we all had differring viewpoints which was brilliant!

Afterwards, we speak about the limitations of using isolated stats when buying players. Why is this dangerous from an investment perspective, and how can we help eductate the FI community that a wider sample is needed when deciding to put your money where your mouth is!

How much research is required whne buying a player and when do you use your gut? We've all made money doing both- but when should you use each tactic? Just how extensively should you research a player when investing in them?

Finally, we talk about the future of Football Index, and what it could become as a platform!

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