A Performance Buzz Special with Buzzing Paul

Episode 44 · August 19th, 2018 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

First up, we talked about eligible competitions and dividend payout structure. We started high level, skimming the basics but then it evolved into a much more complex and deep conversation about the two areas!

Next, we talked about the PB matrix....again, I know right you must be bored of it by now? But Paul actuallu gave us some really insightful things to chew on in this segment.

The word Baseline used to get thrown around a hell of a lot but Paul has a totally different definiton! He tells us what he means by the word....

Speaking of baseline, we then compare and contrast average and peak scores. What's better in a player? What situations to these two types of PB player thrive in?

We then talked about positional changes and the Data centre that Football Index look to be creating. How influential will this be to traders, especially those who are newer to the platform?

After that we ended the podcast by talking older players.....is there value to be had in them?

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