£100k-800 Player Portfolio Man & Professional Gambler Index Big (Steve) Joins the Pod

Episode 42 · August 5th, 2018 · 55 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

First up, we talk about the Bristol Rovers kit advertising and what it could mean for Football Index. We've seen the massive reactions on twitter, and we can only hope that this has an incredibe impact!

Next we discuss the Android app. How important is it that FI becomes more accessible? I also asked Steve what he thought of the UI of the new app!

We then had a chat about the website going down a week or so ago, and the panic it instilled in the FI community...Steve tries to alay any fears and actually turns it into a positive!

Next up I asked Steve what the biggest positive and negative lessons he'd learnt on the index to date. What has moulded his strategy? And segwaying to strategy, I ask if he's ever tempted to go massive on a player rather than just spread that drastically? He counters by talking through the importance of diversification!

@Turment on twitter asked us what we think about positional changes, and me and Steve had a great chat about that! The system isn't perfect....but we discussed it in depth.

After that I asked Steve what made him so confident in the product as to go big? What made him put his money where his mouth is and have faith in the index?

Next up I asked him about withdrawals and if he'd many. His answer was interesting and actually strayed into a bit of advice he had to listeners about not getting caught up in the moment, and depositing more than you can afford to lose.

Finally, former guest Stamford the Lion then had a 3 parter for Steve!

  1. What do you expect to change in the upcoming season, and what do you want changed?
  2. Why has there been so much high volume trading in the sub £3 players?
  3. Has there or will there be a change of customer demographic with the targeted ad campaigns that is thirsty for more instant returns at longer odds? What could FI do to appeal to the long odds gamblers in the future?

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Music by Joakim Karud & Nkato