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Marketing, ROI, New Managers & World Cup Inflation With FI Profit Hunter

Episode 40 · July 22nd, 2018 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

First up, Profit hunter talks us through his Football Index journey. What were his best and worst trades? What strategies did he use to exit his best trades?

Next, we discuss in depth FI's current and future marketing plans. What are his thoughts on the upcoming seasons' Sky Sports ads? Was the Sweepstake the best use of £100k? How would he have used the money if he was head of marketing?

You may remember Ep. 36. with Tom from WGTA where we discussed how useful FPL knowledge is for FI, and this time we talked about Football Manager. Does it help to unearth some hidden gems? We then go on to talk about the impact new managers could have on PB. How will Sarri, Emery and Ancelotti fair when it comes to Football Index?

After that we talked all about the market post-World Cup, is it inflated? Or have the price of average players just increased? James talks us through his thoughts!

Next, we talk about ROI...are we getting less bang for our buck? Or are the opportunities still there?

We then go on to talk about newbies and give some great advice. What's the best strategy to take on when first starting out?

Finally, I ask James what price rises and declines have surprised him the most recently!

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