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How to Value Players Featuring AgatelloFI

Episode 39 · July 15th, 2018 · 49 mins 33 secs

About this Episode

First up we talk about Agatello's index journey. What makes the forum so great? Why did he start analysing IPO players?

Next, I asked how he's going about picking PB players for next season. What variables are at play that one should weight up when purchasing/selling a player?

This led us on to talk about how to value a player. Is it via comparable value? Or against dividend yield? Either way this conversation actually got us talking about Paulo Dybala as we profiled him!

I then went on to ask Agatello if there are any world cup tips that went for/against him? I also asked if there were any IPO players that he would like to be seen promoted!

One great topic of conversation was how we'd change the IPO system to make it fairer....this created a really interesting discussion!

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