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World Cup Comp Winner FootyIndex102 Talks Average Prices, Mbappe & PB for Next Season

Episode 38 · July 8th, 2018 · 57 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

First up, we go through Alex's journey and more importantly why his name changed from Footyindex 101 to...102? What did he do to move up a notch! He gives us an idea of what mistakes he made and how that made him a better trader.

Next up, we discuss average prices and why they don't really matter all too much. Conversely we then discuss why some traders 'encourage' drops in a player! This then leads us on to talk about a few different buying/selling techniques!

Last week we talked about the 'young player bubble' so we talked about the most expensive young player on the index; Kylian Mbappe. Where will his price go from here? Why is he currently so attractive for investors?

Now it'd be rude not to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo's potential move to Juventus and what impact that would have so we discussed the potential implications for his personal returns, how much better/worse Juventus as a team could be with him and finally what happens to Real Madrid from a PB standpoint.

Finally, we talked about picking players for PB next season. I asked Alex what his research techniques are, and what thesis he comes to which then encourages him to buy players that suit that thesis.

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