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Tom From WGTA Talks Being a FI Newbie

Episode 36 · June 24th, 2018 · 57 mins 39 secs

About this Episode

Tom and I start talking about being a newbie on the index. What does it look like from the outside in? What did Tom enjoy or dislike about the onboarding process? We discuss how FI may have a job on their hands in regards to a) getting customers on to the platform and b) keeping them on it. I asked him what he'd change, and this led to a deep dive into none other than the PB scoring matrix! Always a polarising subject.....

Next, we talk about his profession in spread betting and how that's helped him on the index. I also ask him to critique the FI business model in comparison to his experience in the finance industry.

We talk about the goal oriented nature of FI, and how it's quite different from FPL. We indexers don't really celebrate clean sheets or assists as much as FPL lovers, but is that a good thing or not? Tom and I discuss this at great length and it led to a great discussion!

Lastly, we had a question from twitter about the research in FPL and how it compares to FI when it comes to finding gems....Tom gives a great cross examination!

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