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Football Index CEO Adam Cole & Head of Marketing Mike Bohan Join the Show

Episode 33 · June 3rd, 2018 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

First up, Adam, Mike and I talked about Football Index as a product. What is being improved to create a more practical app? Well the answer may not be improving the current website.....but starting all over again (from a tech perspective!). It's clear a massive revamp is happening behind the scenes, which will hopefully see Football Index as a product appease users who have complainbed about various bugs.

Now, foreign territories are something that come up time and time again, but where are Football Index with Launching Canada and Ireland? How many potential countries are being touted for possible expansion? Adam and Mike give us the lowdown...

One thing that's been consistently debated in the Football Index community is spreads. What's the thinking behind some of the spreads we see? Are there tweaks being made to make sure that liquidity in top players especially is not harmed? Are Football Index getting the balance between potential liability and liquidity right?

Now the afromentioned and heavily debated subject of spreads lead us to speak about the order book systems that were announced at the Birmingham trader meet. For those of you who don't know what order books are, I'd recommend checking out an explanation on investopedia- but it will basically allow users (similarly to betfair exchange) to set buy and sell prices for players. What impact could this possibly have on the index? How big a risk is it? Adam and Mike seem pretty positive that this will be a massive success story for Football Index!

Speaking of big decisions, we talked about the potential of a Share split. The much talked about split has been on the tip of every trader's tongue. Why are Football Index considering one? Is it just a short term fix? Adam and Mike talk me through their reasoning behind the potential of another split!

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