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Jan Hagen Talks Portuguese League & Norweigan Gambling Culture

Episode 32 · May 27th, 2018 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

First up, Jan talks to us about Scandinavian and Norwegian football, fantasy football and betting culture in Norway. I was astounded to learn that over 2% of the Norwegian population (5 Million) play Fantasy Premier League! What an insane stat that is.

I didn't get Jan on just to speak about Norway though..the first player we discussed was Gelson Martins. The Sporting winger has had another solid season in Portugal and it may very well be the summer he decides to find himself a fresh challenge. His massive buyout clause may put suitors off, however with tensions rising between Bruno de Carvalho, the supporters and the Sporting players- there's a good chance we could see a mass exodus from the Lisbon club.

Next up, Andrija Živković was on the agenda. The young Serbian has earned rave reviews from scouts around the world and papers have already linked him to Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United and a plethora of other clubs. But will it be better for his development to stay at Benfica for one more season? Why hasn't he played that regularly this season? Would a breakout World Cup see the chances of a big club coughing up the €60 million needed to activate his buyout clause? Jan answers all these questions and more.

Alex Telles, dubbed the assist king in Portugal seemed on his way to Chelsea at one point. Those rumours have recently dissipated, but Jan reckons it won't be long until they surface again. Especially as he's available for €30 million, which could look like a bargain if he performs to the level he's capable of.

Next, I ask Jan why Portuguese teams aren't as competitive as years gone by in Europe. The short answer was simple; Economic power. Jan talked us through why teams like Porto, Benfica and Sporting haven't made an impact in either the Europa or Champions league respectively in recent years.

Bruno is a player that has raised a few eyebrows across Europe. The talented and versatile midfielder has been linked to Monaco and a few other big European clubs already. Jan was ready and willing to give us the low down on yet another talented Portuguese youngster. This tied in quite nicely into the next section, which was all about one Shoya Nakajima. Dubbed the Japanese Messi, the Portimonense man has tallied up double figures in goals and assists this season, incredibly impressive. Jan adores the tricky forward, and thinks it's inevitable that a big club come calling sooner rather than later..

Someone who's dominated the British press recently is Anderson Talisca. After rumours surfaced that Besiktas would not take up their option to buy, which were then later confirmed by their President-Index traders jumped on the Brazilian midfielder, and he saw a monumental rise. Jan talks about Anderson's troublesome time at Benfica, but also about how much he's improved at Besiktas.

Benfica's talent pool is seemingly never ending, and Alejandro Grimaldo is another name that keeps cropping up. Is he really set to move to Naples? Or is there a chance a English club take a punt on the talented left-back?

Last, but most certainly not least- we talked about the best player in Portugal at the moment: Bruno . Surely the talented midfielder won't be at Sporting next season? Especially with no Champions League football...Jan raves about the Bruno, and seemed excited to watch him play at the World Cup. A big move is surely in the offing soon....

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