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Share Split, Spreads and Mo Salah

Episode 31 · May 20th, 2018 · 59 mins 28 secs

About this Episode

First, Bob talked us through his Football Index journey; how he found the platform, how he's progressed since then and most importantly how much he's enjoyed the platform!

We talked about the rumoured share split, how it could affect the Index...but most importantly whether or not it's necessary? Is it just a short term fix for the platform? Should Football Index think about an alternative for the good of longevity.

After talking about Mo Salah for a little bit, it obviously brought up the FI elephant in the room, the spreads. Why are they so high on certain players? Why was there no large spread on Dani Alves after his recent injury? It feels like this is a subject that will run on forever, but how will FI eventually rectify this issue?

We laso talked about Value. Where is it in this current market? Should traders be investing for next season already? With the massive rises in some transfer rumoured players- surely there are some incredible opportunities here. What for the World Cup? Will players still rise massively during the World Cup, or is the value already priced in?

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