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R Football Index on World Cup £100k Giveaway & Order Books

Episode 29 · May 6th, 2018 · 54 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

I met Rfootball Index at the Birmingham trader meet and he wanted to come on to the show to review the announcements made at the meet, and how they could affect the index!

First up we talk about the World Cup competition giveaway where Football Index are giving away £100k in cash prizes! We discuss how it will be beneficial to the platform and for traders in general, but we also weigh up whether or not the money could be put to better use....

Something that was mentioned at the trader meet by their CTO were order books, which would be a huge move for the platform! We talk about how they could be massively beneficial, but also what drawbacks they could have. Will the order books be transparent? Or will they be blind? R tries to explain what they actually are-but we'll have to wait and see just exactly how they work with reference to the index.

Next, we talk about the infamous Footie! What exactly is it? What should FI use as an alternative barometer? No-one really knows what the Footie is, so why is it still being used?

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