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Another £100k Portfolio Man Rejoins!

Episode 27 · April 22nd, 2018 · 59 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

First up, SOTD recaps his Football Index journey, how he fell in love with the product, what made him bet big on the market and why he's as bullish as one can be about the platform.

We didn't only hear about his slightly over-romanticised relationship with the platform, I also dug into what his strategy is. What are his plans over the summer period? What players did he sell or keep during this recent market dip? He's a staunch believer that those transfer linked players that breach the top 3 in media buzz will fly- so we examined why that could be? Just as importantly, we talked about the potential downside of some of these players: how far does a player like Mahrez fall after the transfer window should he stay at Leicester?

A question many traders want answered when the big traders join the show is how they actually structure their portfolios. How has SOTD managed to decrease his downside?

We inevitably talked about some ongoing drops in certain players and SOTD insightfully concluded that a majority of the falls have been very much warranted. We then go on to discuss any advice SOTD had for some of these traders that are panicking greatly!

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