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£100k Portfolio Man SG Talks Price Crashes

Episode 26 · April 15th, 2018 · 59 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

Where else to begin but the panic surrounding the recent price dips we've seen. Were they justified? The panic seemed to spread into players that weren't even involved in the Champions/Europa League draws respectively and SG tries to give his informed opinion on why this may have happened.

We saw lots of fear in the market, but also on twitter- players like Messi and Ronaldo dropped large amounts in £ terms and SG gives his advice to new traders on how to react to their first experience of a market correction. I also try to weigh in with my top tips of course! On this matter, we also discuss why traders tend to sell more when they see red and keep when they see green. This psychological phenomena is really strange, SG and I attempt to discuss why this is the case and why traders should see some of these red days at great opportunities.

SG is someone with a large portfolio and I was interested to hear what strategy he is going to implement over summer. In addition to this, I try to dig into his mentality when investing in players right now. Is it for transfer rumours or world cup? Or perhaps even for next season? We also discuss how the heavy hits he took in the previous transfer window have helped him become a better trader and what advice he would give to traders with a smaller portfolio for this turbulent period.

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