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Index Legend & Stat-man LM Returns!

Episode 25 · April 8th, 2018 · 54 mins 47 secs

About this Episode

Liam and I kicked things off by discussing the Uefa Champions League and Europa Leagues respectively. Have they lived up to the hype? Or are we seeing inflated prices? We also dissect some of the drops we've seen from eliminated teams. Are these drops in price warranted? Or are we seeing reactionary trigger fingers....

Next up, LDN's defender thesis returns! I wanted to get Liam's take on it and whether or not he agreed with the fact backed thesis that defenders are just as likely to consistently return PB as midfielders are.

Moving on and for what seems like the 100th time we discussed spreads! They seem to be constantly talked about on twitter and they certainly polarise opinion. I wanted to get Liam's views on the instant sell spreads. Are they really protecting holders? Or are they detracting from the general liquidity of the market? Liam poses a great argument, giving Football Index's view on this as a company! It really is compelling, but there was still more discussion to be had...

Finally, we ended on a 10 minute segment discussing the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star has been in unstoppable form since the turn of the year and he shows no signs of letting up. At 33 however- should traders be concerned at his age? Or has he got a few more years at least in the tank at this level? Liam and I talk at length about that incredible goal versus Juventus and how that in itself epitomised his athleticism and current form. On the index, his price hovered at mid £5's however it suddenly exploded upward...hand in hand with his form!

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