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RIP Veiny Ft. 2 Football Index Veterans

Episode 23 · March 25th, 2018 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

First up with FootyindexLDN and Bonza index, we talked Triple MB and I asked the guys what their tactics were on profiting during the international break. Have they been purchasing media magnets as a short term play? Do we need to see Performance Buzz implemented during these internationals to spice things up a bit?

LDN then went on to drop some knowledge. He talked about how defenders have actually won basically the same amount of PB as midfielders. We discussed why there was this overawing perception of consensus that defenders can win PB less regularly. When we dove into it deeper the results or stats were actually very surprising!

We wrapped things up by talking about the future of FI, how they need to improve their on-boarding experience to aid customers into this very confusing and volatile market. We also talked short term add-ons which could help create a new stream of revenue for the index.

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