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£300k Portfolio Man A.S.P Joins To Tell His Story

Episode 20 · March 4th, 2018 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

What kind of host would I be if I didn't start off with A.S.P's story?! I dug into his whopping deposit of £100k over the course of 6 months starting in January 2017. What was his mentality going into this massive deposit? Where did the money come from?

Next we discuss how he deals with the stress of having that much money in the Index and whether he has any concerns on the platform's future. Mental health is something not often spoken about and 1/4 people have concerns over their general finances so I felt it was important to speak about the topic.

Finally, A.S.P's favourite topic came up: Performance Buzz scoring!
You may have seen him get frustrated about the scoring matrix on twitter, so I went ahead and gave him the platform to vent. He had some seriously interesting things to say!

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