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Trader of the Month Winners Jay & Ani Return!

Episode 19 · February 25th, 2018 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

Jay & Ani are back again to drop some index knowledge on the podcast!

First up, we discuss some of the lofty prices we're seeing. Are they sustainable? Are these rises unprecedented? Neymar himself has stretched the market substantially and we discuss when some of that money will start to trickle down.

Although things are rosy at the moment, it's really important for new investors in particular to understand that we will see red days eventually! We can't always go vertically up, even though so much money is being pumped into the market at this current point in time. Jay & Ani talk me through their best tips in surviving a bear market (when the market is decreasing in overall value) and I would urge all new traders to pay attention to their advice!

Next we talked about the World Cup and it's implications on the market...but are we overestimating it? Transfers are so hyped by the media and we discuss whether or not, particularly when England are knocked out of the competition, just how relevant MB wise the World Cup will be.

Finally, as with many of my guests I talk about the future of the index and where they see it going!

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