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Index Original Barry Coles is Hilarious

Episode 17 · February 4th, 2018 · 56 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

I've known Barry for almost the entirety of my time on Football Index and Twitter-I think many would agree with me that he's one of the funnier accounts in the community.

A lot of users have profited beyond their wildest dreams on the index, but what's the end goal? Barry and I dissect what the "numbers on screen" could actually do for our lives and how important it is to have an end goal.

Alexis Sanchez was of course on the agenda and we talked about how his next leg up or down is purely based on media & performance buzz returns.

One thing that Barry really wanted to discuss was youngsters on the index, more specifically as he described them "overpriced 16 year olds". We did so at length, and it's safe to say this Bazza rant was one for the ages.

Finally, we went through some quite funny tweets which caused a barrage of laughter- I had to re-record/edit various segments just because we couldn't get the words out! So pleas do listen all the way through, that last 20 minutes or so is quite a laugh.

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