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Football Index psychology blockbuster Ft. Sam Freedman & Sigmund Fruend

Episode 119 · January 26th, 2020 · 2 hrs 50 mins

About this Episode

Discussed on today's show:

  • Their favourite books to read
  • January surge?
  • The announcement
  • 'Exchange rate' between players
  • 'Top end bashing'
  • Trading the bottom end
  • Cheap Vs. Value
  • What happens when we reach market cap?
  • Order books
  • FI marketing as a trading platform, not a growth platform
  • Football Index marketing in general
  • The 'p' word
  • Dividends over a career
  • IPOs
  • What is the bet that we're placing on FI?
  • How to value players
  • How efficient is the market?
  • Why do some youth players not make it?
  • Youth player hype
  • Age vs. player prices
  • Predicting what traders are going to do
  • Fear, anticipation, greed, ego
  • Biases for new users and old ones
  • Hyperbolic discounting
  • FOMO
  • Separating utility and value
  • Delayed gratification
  • Best irrational trade
  • Who does best on the index, a pyschologist, a data analyst or someone who only watches football?
  • Data
  • Using xG
  • Mainstream FI
  • Media it sustainable?
  • The future of FI
  • Expansion into new territories

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Music by Nkato, and Joakim Karud

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