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Data Heads PB Hunter and FI Ben Join the Show

Episode 116 · January 5th, 2020 · 1 hr 9 mins

About this Episode

Discussed on today's show:

  • MB, how could it become global?
  • What would you ask Adam Cole if you could talk to him?
  • Having a betfair background and how it translates to FI
  • How to attract pro gamblers to FI
  • Why are some people not interested in Football Index?
  • Matched betting to FI, is that another target market?
  • What plans do they have for their data?
  • Young players, why are they worth more?
  • Is the market more inefficient with older players or younger?
  • Age being subjective...?
  • The market is eternally optimistic
  • Do people factor in future dividend increases in purchases?
  • Buying with your eyes/heart over your head
  • BenScore & xR
  • How far should you go back with data?
  • Which leagues are undervalued or overvalued?
  • The FI community improving
  • Euro 2020 and long term Index planning
  • Order books & Instant sell
  • Erling Haaland
  • IPOs
  • Tips for new users

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Music by Nkato, and Joakim Karud

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